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Gala Awards history

Celebrating and Honoring the Hispanic for over 29 years. Click on the links below and see our history since then.

NHCA Founder

Daniel Ramos is a corporate marketing and public relations consultant specializing in serving firms that wish to market their products and or services to the Hispanic market. In 1978 he was selected by a special presidential commission to be one of 12 U.S. representatives to counsel system leaders behind the iron curtain on the marketing system of the free world. Mr. Ramos has served as the Hispanic market consultant to various political campaigns including U.S. Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial races and has developed Hispanic marketing programs for numerous major corporations.

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Over two decades of commitment

For more than 30 consecutive years, The National Corporate Achievers has served as the time and place for major corporations to gather and recognize the accomplishments of their top employee(s) of Hispanic descent. The most prestigious event program of its kind in the nation. The National Hispanic Corporate Achievers constructed bridges, where there were none---before, to create a consciousness of equality for Hispanics within the corporate structure.

The Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom

2010 Achiever Recipient at the 2010 Global Gala Awards.