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Estrellas Cristianas

Hispanic Speakout Television

Issues and topics concerning our community that's filmed at the International Academy of Design & Technology and broadcast on Bright House Networks Channel 49 every Tuesdays at 9PM. Read More

1st Hispanic License plate in the Nation

  • “Florida Salutes American Hispanic Achievers”-- with the first national historic American Hispanic Achievers License Plate, for their valuable contributions to Florida... Motto: “Since 1513 Hispanics serve Florida-making Communities prosper!”
  • The “Hispanic Achievers” Florida License plate is a way for Florida to recognize the great achievements of American Hispanics; and provide funding to Non-profits focused on helping their communities…(The more plates sold/contributions-the more Communities served.) Read More

Previous Immigration Summit: An American Dilemma

Hispanic Achievers along with Hope Community Center and the Office of Senator Gary Siplin, are proud to announce the Immigration Summit: An American Dilemma. This April 7th,, 2012, attorneys, community leaders, politicians, and Hispanic Achievers present to our community the issues on immigration, what you need to know, and what to do about it.

Diversity Recruitment Service

The Diversity Career Fairs are a vehicle to accomplish our Organization's Mission to promote the advancement of diversity in Corporate America by having employers to hire, promote and retain minorities, and also highlighting minority role models and sharing knowledge and best practices between corporations. Companies that join our career fairs become a member of our Organization and receive a plaque at our Annual Diversity Employers Awards Luncheon presented in October as a recognition to its efforts towards diversity. Read More



By recognizing the achievements of Hispanic from all levels of the business world it illustrates to our society that Hispanics are important to the growth of our nation in the companies for which they work. To expand on this and reach out to young aspiring professionals, NHCA has created the Junior National Achievers Program and is currently partnering with CUNY, NYC Public Schools, and the Valencia Community College in Florida. Read More

Cars for Students Program

Hispanic Achievers, headed by Danny Ramos, Chairman & CEO, launched a new program to give away cars, completely free, to students who have been awarded these vehicles through the Hispanic Achievers Scholarship Program, because of their financial need. The program provides cost efficient, used vehicles that have been evaluated for mechanical safety to students who need the vehicles to go to community college and work. Celebrity Nissan is the first automobile dealer sponsor of the program. Read More

Hispanic Achievers Estrellas Cristianas Chaplain Program

Chaplains are dedicated community based activists that help the community in such areas as: homelessness, community toy drives, veterans support, job searching, juvenile and family programs, spousal and child abuse awareness and education.

Lawyers Consumer Directory

Hispanic Achievers publishes a Lawyer Directory in Florida, which helps consumers select a lawyer for a particular issue.

National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Start Your Chapter

I would like an Operating Committee Member to contact me for more information to start a Hispanic Achievers Chapter. Read More


National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Memberships (South)

National Hispanic Corporate Achievers is a premier network of Hispanics working in the Fortune 500 companies.

Our mission is to support the recruitment, retention, promoting and highlighting of Hispanics in the workforce.

In today’s volatile economy, we all have to stay in touch with as many professionals as possible to maintain a positive position in the market place. By networking with other Hispanic Achievers, you can stay linked to all opportunities.

We invite you to become a member by filling out the online Application Form. Once received, your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee Chairperson and you will be notified within 3 days. Read More

South Membership

We invite you to become a member by filling out the online Application Form. Once received, your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee Chairperson and you will be notified within 3 days. Read More