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Latin America

International Hispanic Corporate Achievers
30th Annual Global Diversity 
National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Awards Gala
October 25, 2013
The Roosevelt Hotel - New York City

Previous Honorees

Sigifredo Camargo
Manager of Station Operations
Owner of "Pollos Mario Astoria"

Sigifredo Camargo was born in Pereira, Colombia, a former member of Colombia's National Volleyball Team and faithful follower of the Colombian Football Team, an economist of the Central University of Bogotá, whom in one of his trips to the United States was linked to a large company as a computer specialist and data management. It was there where he had the opportunity to go as manager of one of its restaurants, becoming promptly General Manager of several of its stores.

Since that position, Sigifredo began its work of supporting Colombian and many members of the Hispanic community. Ten years later in 1996, he decided to become independent and opened his own restaurant "Pollos Mario Astoria" starting like that his own chain of restaurants, La Pollera Colorada, Mr. Pollo, El Paisa, typical corner, among others, located in New York, Long Island and Miami.

Sigifredo a working man, who knows what is to have needs, a man who spent his childhood in an orphanage, without the support of a mother or a father, who forged his own destiny, he found support in the sports to escape of many of his troubles, he pushed himself to be a professional and advanced to succeed.

Perhaps the reality of his life made him a fighter and generous man, a man who achieved success and never lost his simplicity, attends events made by the Colombian community and always reaching out to the social programs that are conducted in favor of his countrymen, an entrepreneur, a business man which has made its economic and human contribution to this country, which has made up the name of his country Colombia, for all this we consider him our Business Leader Representative.

Embassy of Ecuador:

Patricia Castañeda-Mendez
CEO Family Food Distributors
Trade Office of Ecuador New York.

Patricia Castañeda-Mendez is an entrepreneur, owner of Family Food Distributors, Inc. which carries an extended line of products from Ecuador, and other Central and South American products. Mrs. Castañeda-Mendez studied elementary school in her natal Guayaquil, later moving to Quito where she graduated from high school. She further continued her studies of Business Administration at the American Junior College in Quito.

After working for several companies in Ecuador, she moved to Miami, Florida 22 years ago. Patricia settled in Florida for 6 years where she worked in a large Hispanic food distributor. Due to her work achievements, Mrs. Castañeda-Mendez was offered a position at a larger company in New Jersey where she held the position of Purchasing Manager for several years. Before starting her entrepreneurial venture, with her daughter Andrea Castañeda, and husband John Rivas, Patricia worked in 3 of the largest food distributors in the East Coast, extending her knowledge in the food distribution business.

In 2002 Family Food Distributors Inc. was founded in Kearny, NJ; initially focusing on the distribution of Ecuadorian products in Connecticut. As Family Food Distributors grew larger, the lines of distribution increased, covering the Costa Rican, Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Mexican communities. In the past couple of years, they have started to carry products catering to a broader Hispanic community. Today the company has over 1200 clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, and Quebec, Canada. Family Food Distributors, Inc. is aiming towards excellence, providing a remarkable and continuous service to their clients with community service in mind.

Santiago Peralta - Ecuadorean Organic Chocolate Santiago Peralta, receiving Award from Pfizer's Angelica Wong.
Embassy of Ecuador:

Santiago Peralta
General Manager and owner
PACARI, Ecuadorean Organic Chocolate
International Hispanic Corporate Achiever, Santiago Peralta, General Manager and owner of PACARI, Ecuadorean Organic Chocolate, a young company that works under the Principles of social and environmental responsibility, producing high quality chocolate.  Mr. Peralta was represented by Katrina Amaluisa, Chief of the Ecuadorean Commercial Office in New York and Representative of the Ecuadorean Embassy, to accept the award on behalf of Mr. Peralta. Include the photo from the Gala and the following information as well. PACARI - Ecuadorean Organic Chocolate Santiago Peralta, General Manager and Owner

Mauricio Banchieri, Director & CEO of Puro Chile, receiving an award from Pfize's Angelica Wong.

Embassy of Chile:   

Mauricio Banchieri
Director & CEO
of Puro Chile

International Hispanic Corporate Achiever, Mauricio Banchieri, Director & CEO of Puro Chile, an American company oriented to promote Chile and serve as a liaison to attract businesses.  Mr. Banchieri was escorted by Maria Elena Varas, Deputy Director of ProChile New York and Representative of The Chilean Embassy.

Erasmo Ponce, President and Founder of Tortillería Chinantla Inc receiving an award from Pfizer's Angelica Wong

The Embassy of Mexico:

Erasmo Ponce
President and Founder
Tortillería Chinantla Inc.

International Hispanic Corporate Achiever, Erasmo Ponce, President and Founder of Tortillería Chinantla Inc., a producer of Tortillas in the Northeast U. S. and a recognized community Leader promoting social initiatives for the empowerment of Mexicans in greater New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Tortillería Chinantla Inc.