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Junior National Achievers Program

National Hispanic Corporate Achievers

has for over twenty consecutive years served as the place for major corporations to gather and recognize the accomplishments of their employee(s) of Hispanic decent. The most prestigious event program of it's kind in the nation. National Hispanic Corporate Achievers constructed bridge's where there were none- before to create consciousness of equality of Hispanics within the corporate structure.


Baruch College (Former) President, Kathleen Waldron.
"Baruch College & the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers share a vision of diversity that brands us as leaders in any discussion about preparing for global market & global workplace. We are strongly aligned with the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers in developing Hispanic talent to lead and florish in the global economy." - Baruch College President, Kathleen Waldron

By recognizing the achievements of Hispanic from all levels of the business world it illustrates to our society that Hispanics are important to the growth of our nation in the companies for which they work. To expand on this and reach out to young aspiring professionals, NHCA has created the Junior National Achievers Program and is currently partnering with CUNY, NYC Pubilc Schools, and the Valenica Community College in Florida.

Our Philosophy

  • Our Mission: A National Organization that provides a forum to younger Hispanic Professionals to further educate within the Hispanic Community by providing access to professionals in the workplace, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Our Core Values:Caring, Recognition, Respect, & Responsibility.
  • Our Vision:To be a source and strenght and encouragement so that young professionals aspire to join the world of business by providing educational forums that increase skills and compatibilities required in the workplace. Junior National Hispanic Corporate Achiever who serve as role models and contribute towards the individual's skills development goals and provide networking opportunities.