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NHCA Hispanic Young Bankers Association Membership

Mission Statement

To promote Hiring, Retaining and Promoting of Hispanics in the Banking System
GOALS for 2014
1. Educational Conference
2. National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Banking Awards Dinner
3. Promote Equal Opportunity
4. Create Awareness of Qualified Hispanics to fill positions
5. Promote the welling being of the Institutions for which we work.
6. Create a Scholarship Fund.


The NHCA Young Bankers Association is an independent branch of the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers, a 501 3 C organization that has been serving the community for 30 years. The new group is national in scope creating chapters in major cities across the nation. It includes in its board member bankers from Banco Popular, Citibank, Chase Bank, 53 Bank, TD Bank and Wells Fargo.
The first conference/awards will be held in Orlando Florida April 26, 2014.


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Trustee : $350/ yr
Committee Chair: $195/ yr
Executive Member: $125/ yr
Member: $59/ yr

Payable monthly or yearly by credit card

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Our locations

Corporate Headquarters

Longwood, Florida

Hispanic Bankers

Hispanic Bankers

TRUSTEE: Policy Director for Group, Limited to 5 Members only
COMMITTEE CHAIR & CO-CHAIRS: Head specific areas of development and preside over committee.
EXECUTIVE MEMBER: Managerial Positions.
MEMBER: All Positions
A. Conferences Committee
B. Awards Dinner Committee
C. Bankers Education Committee
E. Public Affairs Committee
F. Scholarship Awards Committe


Banking Membership Dues Breakdown

  • Trustee: $175.00 Down, plus $35./mo. for 5 months
    Chair: $97.50 Down plus $19.50/month for 5 months
    Executive: $62.50 Down plus $12.50/month for 5 months
    Membership: 19.00 Down plus $8.00/month for 5 months
    10% Discount on all memberships if paid in full.