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30 Day Diversity Recruitment Program. Recruitment programs begin on the first of every month for a calendar month.

NHCA will provide an entire month of recruitment services targeting your specific needs within the I-4 Central Florida corridor 5 county area. We will contact all neccessary recruitment opportunities to enlist candidates that meet your qualifications. You will have a recruitment coordinator assigned to your organization that you can contact at any time to discuss your account. NHCA is an organization that has been producing job fairs for 25 years. Job fairs usually are held for 3.5 hours and the results are not predictable. By providing this new service we provide you with 30 days of recruitment activity supporting your needs for the same cost, greater outreach and coordination than any job fair can provide.

Cost $395 per calendar month, 5 county area.

Cost $895 per calendar month state wide.

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