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Jay Rosario, Left, with Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist signing into law the FIRST Hispanic License Plate in the U.S.A.



Former Governor Charlie Crist signs Hispanic License Plate into Law

The legislation creating the plate was sponsored during the 2010 legislative session by Central Florida lawmakers Rep. Dean Cannon, Rep. Rich Glorioso, Senator Gary Siplin and Senator Andy Gardiner.  

Jay Rosario, one of Central Florida's top businessmen and owner of Celebrity Nissan and Westley Chapel Nissan, joined Danny Ramos, Founder and Board Member of National Hispanic Corporate Achievers, who initiated efforts to create the plate 3 years ago. "Rosario went shoulder to shoulder with me." said Danny Ramos, "Jay was the necessary balance to make this work, without him, there would be no plate today." 

The legislation successfully passed during the 2010 legislative session with the strong support and sponsorship of Central Florida lawmakers, Speaker Designate Rep. Dean Cannon, Rep. Rich Glorioso of Plant City, Senator Gary Siplin of Orlando, and Rep. Steve Bovo of Hialeah, Chair of the Hispanic Caucus.

"The effort to get the Hispanic Achievers plate passed into Florida law was a three year, arduous process that brought extreme challenges", said Danny Ramos. "The passage of the Hispanic plate became a civil rights issue that required the revision of state      regulations dictating the mandates required to complete the application process.” 

“Because the demographics of our Hispanic population across the state are concentrated in specific  areas, unintended consequences resulted from the minimum requirements of the survey became an   inequitable obstacle” said Mr. Ramos.  “Although the intention of the law was not to hamper the    process, it unfortunately did for Hispanics.”  This prompted lawmakers to amend the statutes, from a validated survey requirement to a presale format for new plates. 

Revenues from the plate will be used to support worthwhile non-profit Hispanic programs and services around the State.  For more information, please call at 321-277-0850.

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