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Maria-Dolores (Loli) Vazques-Abad,
Operating Committee

María-Dolores (Loli) Vázquez-Abad
Senior director in WWD at Pfizer. 

Loli is a physician licensed to practice medicine both in Mexico and in the US (Connecticut). She is an internist and a rheumatologist, with special training in molecular, cellular and humoral immunology. She joined Pfizer in 1998 as an Associate Director.  In 2002 she was promoted to Senior Associate Director, in 2003 to Director and in 2007 Senior Director and was appointed the Therapeutic Area Clinical Lead for Inflammation in World Wide Development at Pfizer.  In her new role she is responsible for chairing the inflammation technical review committee, working closely with research and serving on the St. Louis Research Portfolio Team, and, perhaps most importantly, serving as the technical advisor to all clinicians in the therapeutic area.  As president of the Hispanic Network she lead the initiatives to improve the appreciation of the Hispanic culture; as supervisor and mentor of colleagues and as chair of Pfizer R&D teams she lead individuals and teams to success.

Her many leadership activities with different deliverables and successful outcomes show her ability to apply different leadership styles as needed and her understanding of each situation with ability to manage change with problem-solving, and decision-making focus. Her clinical skills and a wide range of scientific knowledge include vascular inflammatory and immune diseases, osteoporosis and pain. Loli has been a clinician and clinical lead in numerous teams in Research and Development at Pfizer.

In December 2005, Loli completed a secondment in Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals at the corporation's headquarters (HQ) in Manhattan with the Celebrex team as a Medical Director to further increase her understanding of the commercial and regulatory environments providing her with a broader knowledge of the challenges of the drug development process how to anticipate longer term needs for each program.  In addition, her technical knowledge is recognized outside Pfizer, she has served as Reviewer for NIH proposals (most recent on “Innovative Therapies for Rheumatic and Skin Diseases” October 2006).  As president of the Hispanic Network at Pfizer she launched a series of different sessions focusing on issues of special interest to her Hispanic colleagues at Pfizer, improving external and internal environments via monthly seminars, special training and Round Tables.  She drafted the goals for the network in alignment with Pfizer’s business needs focusing on improving relations both within Pfizer and within the Connecticut area.  Example of her community activities includes working with New London high school students of Hispanic heritage under Pfizer’s Science and Math Are Really Terrific (SMART) program; with the Norwich CT middle-school ASPIRE program; her involvement as a Founder Member of the Latin Network of the Visual Arts; and her active participation in each of the Hispanic Network’s Newsletter (issued twice a month).

As a president she led the network group in exploring ways in which the culture of Hispanic people can be better appreciated by the organization at large. She played an important role in the creation and functioning of the Pfizer Groton/New London Diversity Council, and is a leader in advancing other affinity groups within Pfizer, to better service the needs of Pfizer and all of her colleagues. She helped establishing new network groups for disabled colleagues (2006).  She is also the founding member of the Manhattan HQ Pfizer Latino Leadership Council, where she chaired a sub-committee, working to increase diverse recruitment in clinical trials, and works with medical education programs with the goal of leading Pfizer to the number one pharmaceutical company among Hispanic patients and doctors; since 2007 she is co-chair of the communications committee of this Council.  She received the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Award in 2005 and is a member of the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers board since 2006. In 2006 the National Hispanic Employee Association presented Loli MENTóR award “in recognition of her leadership, dedication and contribution to the social and economic advancement of the Hispanic employee and the quality of life of the U.S. Hispanic community”.