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Meet Our Chaplains

A simple definition of a chaplain is, “a minister in the workplace.” In other words, Chaplains have a church which is actually outside the walls of the church building. It’s called the community. Chaplains serve people of all faiths. A chaplain at the local and national level has Constitutional protection, whereas a pastor does not. An ordained Chaplain is recognized by the government, whereas an ordained pastor is not because of the separation of church and state issue. The chaplain’s ministry is to be a bridge between the secular and the sacred.

Chaplain Nancy Acevedo

Related Specialty: Law Enforcement

Chaplain Marilyn Casabuena

Related Specialty: Elderly Services

Representing Estrellas Cristianas Newspaper - Tampa Edition

Chaplain Jacqueline Centeno

Title: Captain of Education

Related Specialty: Education

Chaplain Israel Consuegra

Representing Estrellas Cristianas Newspaper - Tampa Edition

Chaplain Dora Libreros

Title: Captain of Homelessness

Related Specialty: Homelessness

Chaplain Ana Linares

Chaplain Lissette Nieves

Chaplain Lisa M. Pietri

Title: Captain of Community Activism

Related Specialty: Education/Job Development

Chaplain Juana Richardson

Chaplain Melissa Rivera

Chaplain Evelyn Rodriguez

Chaplain Zulma Velez-Estrada

Title: Captain of Family Services

Related Specialty: Children and Family Services

Chaplain Bawanna Bostic

Chaplain Gesina Castro

Related Specialty: Education and Homelessness

Chaplain Amy Chaleff

Related Specialty: Youth Advisor

Chaplain Maria Fernandez

Chaplain Edison Libreros

Related Specialty: Homelessness

Chaplain Angel Lopez

Related Specialty: Homelessness

Chaplain Millie Ann Ortiz

Related Specialty: Publishing

Chaplain Danny Ramos

Title: New York State and Central Florida Director

Related Specialty: Community Activist

Chaplain Jeannette Rivera

Title: Adminstrator of Central Florida Chapter

Related Specialty: Homelessness and Domestic Violence

Chaplain Angeles Rodriguez

Related Specialty: Education

Chaplain Ralph Romero

Related Specialty: Family Services

Chaplain Shetress Woods