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Hispanic Achievers License Plate Background

  • “Florida Salutes American Hispanic Achievers”-- with the first national historic American Hispanic Achievers License Plate, for their valuable contributions to Florida... Motto: “Since 1513 Hispanics serve Florida-making Communities prosper!”
  • The “Hispanic Achievers” Florida License plate is a way for Florida to recognize the great achievements of American Hispanics; and provide funding to Non-profits focused on helping their communities…(The more plates sold/contributions-the more Communities served.)
  • The HAFL Plate was an initiative of Danny Ramos (Chairman/ CEO/ Founder of NHCA-National Hispanic Corporate Achievers), and Jay Rosario (Celebrity Nissan Car Dealer; President NHCA South); the bill was introduced and passed--in the House by Rep./now Speaker Dean Cannon, and in the Florida Senate by Sen. Siplin; approved/supported by FL Governor. The HAGC is established by FL Law, operates under the NHCA (1st HAFLP Administrator is Lisa Pietri).
  • The 1st HAGC Chairman/ Organizer is Dennis Freytes (American Veteran, US Army Ret./ Community Servant); 1st Co-Chairman Lou Soto (Decision Tree Financial)

Plate pass Legislature in Tallahassee

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